Who Are Local Sarthi ?

Local Sarthi is Empowering local Residents to Solve Problems Requiring Personal Presence

Localsarthi.com is a pioneering platform specifically designed for individuals residing in Jharkhand who are confronted with issues that can only be resolved through their physical presence. Recognizing the unique circumstances and challenges faced by the people of Jharkhand, Localsarthi.com aims to provide a comprehensive solution by connecting individuals with the necessary resources, services, and expertise required to address their specific problems.

  1. Bridging the Gap
  2. Expert Network
  3. Customized Solutions
  4. Time and Cost Savings
  5. Strengthening Local Communities

Bridging The Gap

Localsarthi.com bridges the physical and emotional disconnect caused by migration, offering access to local services and professionals, and empowering individuals to find solutions without the need to return to their hometowns.

Customized Solution

LocalSarthi.com understands the need for personalized solutions, connecting residents with local experts who possess the necessary knowledge and expertise. This tailored approach ensures effective and efficient problem-solving for residents

Time And Cost Saving

Localsarthi.com saves time and resources by eliminating the need for travel to hometowns. The platform streamlines assistance, offering prompt and reliable support, and reducing financial burdens and time constraints for residents.

Strengthening Locals

Localsarthi.com empowers local communities by promoting local service providers, fostering economic growth, job creation, and self-reliance in Jharkhand, contributing to the overall well-being and vitality of the community.

Our Services

Marketing & Execution

Drive sales and build brand awareness through Website Development, and market research. effective utilization of diverse promotional channels to promote products in Ranchi.

Local Personal Assistant

Daily services required a wide range of essential tasks that individuals require regularly, such as laundry, grocery shopping, and personal care assistance.


Our Verification Service offers reliable employee address and document verification for enhanced integrity and security in various projects of the organization.

Local Guide

A local guide serves as a knowledgeable companion, providing valuable insights, recommendations, and assistance to individuals exploring a new location.

Pick & drop

Pick & drop services offer convenient transportation solutions, ensuring safe and timely transportation of individuals or packages from one location to another.

Work Customizer

A work customizer empowers individuals to articulate their specific work requirements with their unique preferences and preferred schedules or task.

Don't decrease there goal. Increase the effort!

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Localsarthi.com has been my go-to platform for getting tasks done on my behalf in Ranchi while I am in the UK. Their accountability in handling tasks just like I would has given me peace of mind. I trust them completely to take care of my parents’ needs.

Mohit Singh

Our company had the complex task of installing systems on various sites and creating product awareness. Their team efficiently handled the duties, ensuring complete installation and effective product promotion. We are delighted with their professionalism and results

Rahul Raj

I am grateful for the Pick Drop service. They ensured a smooth and safe journey for my elderly parents by picking them up from the railway platform and safely dropping them home. Their caring service brought peace of mind, and I highly recommend them.

Vijay Pratap Singh

Localsarthi.com understood my unique work requirements and provided exceptional service. Their work customizer crafted a solution, showcasing attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. Thanks once again.

Sanjeet Kumar

Our reputation is the proof!

“Accountability is not just about accepting responsibility for our actions it’s about taking proactive steps to ensure that our actions align with our values and commitments, even when no one is watching.”